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Aura Graphic Design, LLC is an Indianapolis design service, founded in 2006 by local graphic designer, Keith A. Barnett. Aura is a certified Minority Business Enterprise with the State of Indiana, and the City of Indianapolis. Keith A. Barnett, has over 16 years in the graphic design and printing industries. Throughout his career, he has worked with clients such as, Walmart, Lowe’s, Bridgestone, Sunoco, Miller Brewing, and Anheuser-Busch. These projects have consisted of retail environments, signage programs, POP displays, collateral materials, packaging, and vendor promotions. Furthermore, he has created presentations showing design intent, while composing 3D renderings that support these concepts. Keith combined his experience, along with the knowledge of other associates, to form Aura Graphic Design.

It is our goal to build strong business relationships with our clients. We focus on creative simplicity, execution, and customer satisfaction. We strive to give our clients a strong consistent look that stands out in their particular marketplace. We also hope to share our knowledge with our customers, in order to help them make educated decisions with their graphics. All work is created by Aura Graphic Design and it’s associates. We are prepared to meet your graphic and printing needs. Please contact us for a consultation or quote.

Our design services help create success for your business by
offering highly personalized graphic design solutions. However, the most successful outcome will start with
a strong client relationship.
Aura Graphic Design, LLC is certified as a Minority Business Enterprise by the State of Indiana, and the City of Indianapois, Indiana. Aura was also a certified vendor for Super Bowl XLVI.
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